Why We Say FIFA 18 is a Good Game Worth to Buy


FIFA 18 is definitely EA’s football phenomenon regardless of a gamer’s inclination or team. The game is expected to be released on the 29th day of September. It is a good game with vast improvements on a good number of frustration experienced last year. I will be available on several platforms i.e. PC version, PS3, Xbox 360, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PS4.

Why FIFA 18 is a good game worth to buy let me show you the FIFA 18 review:

The following are some of the main reasons why FIFA 18 is considered to be a worthwhile game:


fifa 18 gameplay

There is a big difference in both motion and look of the gameplay in FIFA 18. This is because it is characterized by a stunning new look and has extraordinary improvements in texture and lighting. The games in FIFA 18 are unpredictable, more natural and most importantly, fluid. It has a new animation system that makes the ball bounce and bobble in a fashion that is more realistic to the gamer. Furthermore, the players move and even shape their bodies in various ways that functions to create options in defense and attack.


The Hunter Returns will seek to address a few criticisms levelled at the Journey mode. It will have an increased number of decisions as well as branching storylines as the gamer guides Hunter through his career during transfer speculation. There is also the option of customizing the style of Alex.

fifa 18 the journey season 2

Career mode

This happens to be the most important mode for most FIFA players and FIFA 18 recognizes this fact by improving it. Some of the UI has been overhauled and certain elements of The Journey incorporated to the mode. There is a new squad hub that effectively pulls in information about players and transfer windows in FIFA 18 are more heavily involved compared to previous versions. This is because face-to-face meetings with players as well as dealing with agents has been introduced to the game. There is a convenient dialogue wheel that provides gamers with option in conversations. Furthermore, there are additional contract options to consider like sell-on clauses etc. Last but not least, gamers will be allowed to reveal new players to the media but in cutscenes.

Ultimate team

fifa 18 ultimate team

This is the mode that allows gamers to build teams up with the help of trading cards that have been purchased with real world currency or in-game currency. The teams can then be pitted in offline and online matches. There is a brand new mobile app that will allow users to tweak their teams on the go and will provide new challenges on both a daily and weekly basis for a higher level of engagement. Most importantly, FIFA 18 will introduce the concept of Icons. These team icons will be available on PC, Xbox One AND PS4. This will allow gamers to trade and buy legendary players such as Ronaldo, Maradona and Pele for a large amount of currency.

Switch version

FIFA 18 on switch

FIFA 18 on Switch will not operate on Frostbite rather on its personal custom-made engine. It will facilitate a good game of football that is running at 60fps. The Journey will not be featured in the Switch version. However, it will feature a version of Ultimate Team and Career Mode that is slightly more limited.


To keep an annual Franchise fresh is an uphill task but EA Sport has not disappointed with FIFA 18 as it is more fluid, realistic and quite enjoyable. That is why we say FIFA 18 is a good game worth to buy. by the way if you want get more fifa 18 coins and make your ultimate team better than others, you can pay more attention to mmorog.com that is a reliable site of FIFA 18 coins provider.