As the most superior football league game all over the world, FIFA ranks the leading one in extent of popularity and attention. FIFA League has gained more attention than Olympic Games. Developed by EA, FIFA series has accompanied players for a long time. We can access to FIFA 18 on PS4, Xbox One, PC and even Nintendo Switch. Besides, we can play FIFA Mobile with our mobile phone whenever we want. So, what makes FIFA series developed by EA gain so much attention?

why you will choose EA FIFA games

Real Players in Virtual World

When mentioning the biggest feature of FIFA 18, I would like to say the real representation of players. EA has its own motion capture studio, aimed to capture actions of players into the database with this motion capture technology. Then, EA can return the figures with this complete database, making the in-game motions much lively as watching a live game.

EA motion capture studio

The Improving Game Mode

From the time when football games sprung up in game market, the game mode in football games is such single. It seems that there are no other play style except for Players VS Game UI and Players VS Players. After many years evolution and development for FIFA series, more game modes have been created, such as FIFA Manager, Ultimate Team, Story Mode and so on. These are some of the reasons that make FIFA series keep its popularity.

In-game Purchase

fifa coinsWhether in-game purchase is good or not is full of controversy. We are not to find out the answer of this question, but we can say that the existing of the system meet demands of various players. If you are rich enough then you can buy more FIFA points with the in-game purchase system, which enable you to get ahead of other players within short time. However, EA still has another in-game currency: FIFA coins, suitable for those who don’t use In-game purchase system. FIFA coins and FIFA points almost have the same function, but FIFA coins take players more time to get. By the way if you want get more FIFA games coins such as the FIFA mobile coins, you can come to mmorog site.

Game Engine

Frostbite Engine absolutely has its unique feature as one of the mainstream game engines. As an engine owned and developed by EA, it tend to be more convenient to use Frostbite Engine. EA DICE give great assist in engine during the time when FIFA is developed. But notice that FIFA 18 on Switch doesn’t apply Frostbite Engine because of its hardware performance.

Here is one of the frost engine hypercut video:

Players All Over the World Participating in FIFA Ultimate Team Champion

Confrontation and competition are the essence of football games. An excellent football game should allow players have compete with players fluently and FIFA 18 has achieve this point successfully. FIFA players coming from the whole world can take part in FUT champion to compete with other players. Players participating in FUT champion are all over the world benefiting from the advantages of platforms and the great number of players. It is quite exciting and makes FIFA 18 being a leader of Football games.

I like FIFA series game so much as a football fan. We will see more football stars from real life with the development of science and technology. If you do like football and would like to experience the charm of football from games, it’s really excellent to select FIFA 18.