Let’s talk about the mechanical keyboard and Cherry MX switch


With the rapid development of science and technology, our PC performance has been greatly improved. As gamers want more shocking gaming experience, and PC hardware performance more and more limit our game experience. But many gamers have not begun to attach importance to the keyboard – the hardware that we often need to touch when using the PC.

mechanical keyboard and Cherry MX switch

What is a mechanical keyboard?

Mechanical keyboard is a type of keyboard, from the structure, mechanical keyboard, each key has a separate switch to control the closure. According to the switch color classification, mechanical keyboard can be divided according to color: tea, green, white, black and red switch made by the keyboard. It is precisely because each key consists of a separate switch, so players will get stronger and rhythmic experience. Each button has a separate switch design, but also the high price of the keyboard.


As a key component of mechanical keyboards, Cherry MX switches can be seen as a representative of the mechanical keyboard. But in addition, Cherry ML, Cherry MY, ALPS and other types of switches in the market circulation. But because Cherry MX is widely accepted, so usually we can see some of the mechanical keyboard is usually used Cherry MX switches .

Cherry MX series

Black switch, Grey switch, White swich, Red Switch

cherry MX switches
Cherry MX switches

Can we use the language to describe the feel of the difference of these 4 kinds switches? In fact, the feeling has always been a very subjective factors, each person’s use of the habit, the understanding of the touch, personal preferences, the use of experience and other factors, each person will feel different from the keyboard have a different understanding. The main factors affecting the mechanical keyboard feel include the type of mechanical shaft, keycap material and technology, the overall work of three aspects, and the most direct impact on the feel of the wheel is the difference between the mechanical switches.

The difference in the sense of touch in the sense of the paragraph, the key process, the pressure of grams in the three most likely to feel different, the passage refers to the press of the keyboard in the process of giving feedback to the user’s finger a sense of strength.

cherry mx silentFrom the pressure grams index point of view, the Blue = brown < black < white, from the introduction of the above mechanical axis pressure grams index can be more directly see this point, so the button feel, Brown and Blue switches keyboard is the most relaxed, and the black keyboard keys need the intensity is bigger, and the white one will be the biggest.

MX black switches operating pressure 58.9g ± 14.7g, the four major switches in the operating pressure of the largest axis, compared to the average user, typing, pressing up is strenuous, but MX black is the four major switches in turn , The smallest axis of sound, the impact on the people around the smallest.

MX red switches operating pressure 44.1g ± 14.7g, the four major shaft body operating pressure minimum axis (with tea axis), can be very suitable for general and input large users, especially female users, And the sound is modest, many users feel that after typing feel and thin-film keyboard feel similar.

MX blue switches operating pressure 58.9g ± 14.7g, is the axis of the four major pressure in the largest axis (with black axis), typing, pressing up a unique “sense of the paragraph” is the most distinctive feature of a switch Category, very suitable for gamers. But its noise is also the biggest. According to their own use of the environment to decide whether to use the switch.

Operating pressure of 44.1g ± 14.7g, MX brown switches is the shaft with the lowest operating pressure in the four major axis bodies (same axis as the red axis). When typing, it also has a unique “sense of paragraph” Press the green axis is not so large, the noise is also moderate, it can be very suitable for general and large amount of input users.

Here is a brief introduction of the mechanical keyboard and Cherry MX switch features, if you want to choose a suitable own mechanical keyboard, or want to know more about the mechanical gaming keyboard, then you can refer to this website.