In order to differentiate RuneScape from other MMORPG based games, there is a character customization system provided that allows human characters to be customized to match the desire and fantasies of the players. The players get several choices including the gender of their characters, body types, hair styles, skin color, facial features, and even different options in clothing.

The most popular and traditional way for a RuneScape player to have several choices to customize their character is through a feature known as Makeover that gives the players a number of options to change the appearance of their characters. This feature is chosen during the tutorials. Although the appearance of a player’s character can be changed in a number of places through this feature, these changes do not cost anything. However the options are chosen at random and a player may be forced to do it multiple times in order to get the desired results.

There are are other ways that players can get different choices in the character customization system including:

1. Using the RuneScape Website

On the official RuneScape website, players can find the most reliable forums developed by Jagex. These forums present the players an opportunity to to participate in discussions regarding the games. They also get a chance to purchase some items at discounted rates through these forums, and even post their opinions on what might be lacking in the game. This will give them an opportunity to have their choices included in the character customization system.

2. Creating a User Avatar

A player can create a user avatar using a different display name. However, they cannot set automatic signatures on this forum. Using this forum, a player can view the number of posts they have done in their original profile and get the opportunity to disable smileys. The forum also allows a number of user friendly choices to format text, post links and display images. Access to posting is however limited to premium members only or players who have completed over 350 levels.

runescape character-customisation system tips

3. Participating in events organized by Jagex

On holidays such as Christmas, Easter, April Fools, Halloween and Thanksgiving, Jagex organizes some special events in specified locations. If a RuneScape player completes a task during one of these events, they are rewarded with an item or Runescape Gold. The emotes can be used to express gestures and emotions in the character’s of the players. The reward items cannot be resold and the players can only access or retrieve an item if they had previously lost one.

4. Joining various Fan sites developed by RuneScape Players

There are a number of fan sites developed by elite RuneScape players where other players get to learn more about the game. Jagex has also introduced a knowledge base site to give the players additional information about gaming. These fan sites have moderators that follow the activities of each player to keep them in control. New players can use these fan sites to learn about the various choices available in a character customization system, and hoe to get them.